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Attention determines how we perceive and understand the world.

Attention influences your experience, from listening to music, playing sports, and reading, driving and flying. Even your memories are shaped by that which you attend.

Attention is crucial; interruption, cognitive tunneling, task shedding, and distraction are critical safety phenomena. Pay attention or pay the price!

Focused on human interaction

with each other, systems, interfaces and artificial intelligence 

Focused on collaboration

with people growing and living in techno-landscapes

Focused on applying science

to prevent accidents, and ensure safety-critical tasks are designed with human abilities and limitations in mind

Focused on enabling the user

to achieve their goals and optimize the human experience

ASU has an excellent research support staff to support the AAR Lab's research for all types of grants and awards.

We achieve personal satisfaction in knowing we are helping the community and the Nation! 

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Attention Students - deadline for application to ASU HSE PhD program for Fall 2020 is late December 2019... 

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